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The tragic events that continually plague the earth we inhabit pushed me to write a song that is both personal and true. It is hard to run from the tragedies that we witness on a day to day basis. Lives are being taken so casually as if life holds no true value. I hope the transparency in this song provokes the emotion I felt while creating it. We need change..


Thank you,
Alex The Great


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Evol World Ft. Olivia Rudeen

Great Music
The Deep (Act I Scene 2)
Too SHort For A Single (Act I Scene 2)
Who Is

It’s rare anyone comes across a creative force like Alex the Great and realizes what they just fell witness to.


He has the ability to put together a dynamic sound and lyrics that provoke the mind. He strives to go beyond listeners expectation and deliver a concept that leaves you wanting more.


Alex the Great is currently working on ACT I, an EP and silent short film which complement each other. ACT I: Scene I and Scene II are now available. As he unveils more of the series listeners will experience how his art separates him from the pack. Alex is passionate about his art and is a powerful producer and songwriter.


Alex says, "to go after your dreams you have to have incredible faith and believe in yourself like no other, but all that means absolutely nothing if you don't back your faith up with hard work… Believe in yourself"

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